Episode 7: Understanding Iran

In this episode of On Mass we take a look into Iranian history as it pertains to imperialist (American and British) aggression and the class forces within the country in relation to said imperialism. The episode begins with a brief explanation of capitalist-imperialism, and then looks at the British Petroleum Company’s exploitation of Iranian oil, the coup that deposed of Mohammed Mosaddegh, and a look at how communists attempted and/or failed to respond to the conditions within Iran.


Some Sources:
Iran: The Rise and Fall of the Tudeh Party by Farhang Jahanpour
Harvest of Shame: Tudeh and the Bazargan Government by Mohsen M. Milani
The Tudeh Military Network during the Oil Nationalization Period by Osamu Miyata
Tudeh Factionalism and the 1953 Coup in Iran by Maziar Behrooz
Neither East Nor West by Nikki R. Keddie
USSR-Iran Relations (1979-86) by Mansoor Akbar

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